Adjust Log/Transmit Intervals

  1. Establish a connection to the X2’s Embedded Web.


  1. Access the Main Menu

X2 Embedded Web main menu



  1. Navigate to Settings | Logging

    Logging menu of the Embedded Web.


  3. Set the desired logging inverval for all connected sensors.
    1. Note that most sensors have a maximum sampling frequency between 2-5 minutes. Verify this prior to configuring rapid logging intervals.
    2. Note that faster sampling will increase system power demand. A power budget can be assessed by supplying NexSens Technology with the desired deployment settings.


  1. Set the desired transmission interval
    1. The maximum recommended transmission interval is 5 minutes, but will vary depending on the equipment telemetry type, application, and power availability.
    2. For Wi-Fi only X2 loggers where data will be downloaded manually through the CONNECT utility, it is recommended that the transmission interval be set to 1-2 hours minimum to cut down on un-utilized telemetry power demand.

Acknowledgement of saving logging settings.


5. If the system will be uploading data to WQData LIVE through a local wireless network disconnect the mobile device from the logger network.