Uploading a Project Logo

A company or organization logo can be configured to replace the default WQData LIVE image in the upper left corner of a project page.

Default WQData LIVE Logo location.


  1. Click on the ADMIN | SettingsĀ tab located at the top of the project dashboard.

ADMIN | Settings menu.


  1. Open the Project/Site tab, then select Project to open the settings menu.

Project/Site settings.


  1. Locate the Logo field, then select Browse to select the desired project logo from local storage.

Logo file selection in the Project and Site settings menu.


  1. Select the desired project logo file from the file explorer and then Open to upload it.
  1. Optionally, a URL can be entered to redirect users when the logo is clicked.
    1. Note that the complete website address (including https://) must be listed.

Add Logo URL (optional).


  1. Once the logo has been selected, click SAVE at the bottom of the Project/Site display. WQData LIVE will refresh and the new logo will be displayed on the project dashboard.

Updated Logo.