Test Alarm

Alarm test emails can be sent to confirm that an alarm is properly configured.

  1. Navigate to ADMIN | Alarms on the WQData LIVE project page.

ADMIN | Alarms settings.


  1. Select the Enabled display option to view all active alarms. Click on the one that should be tested.

Enabled alarm list.


  1. Ensure all desired alarm recipients are listed in the Trigger Action field and click the orange TEST button in the footer of the configuration summary list.
  1. Confirm the test and then click OK to dismiss the test success prompt.

Test Alarm confirmation prompt.


Alarm test success.


  1. Wait approximately 5 minutes for the test notification email to be sent to the recipient list.
    1. Values of zero will be displayed for all parameters involved with the alarm in the test email.
    2. Note that text messages may have minor to severe delays depending on the ISP.
    3. If recipients do not receive the test email:
      • Verify the notification list was properly entered into the Trigger Action field using one email address per line and containing no leading or trailing spaces or extra characters.
      • Check the recipient’s spam or junk folders as the message may be flagged.

Alarm test email example.