Setting Rain Alerts

A separate segment of the WQData LIVE Alarm tool allows allows users to configure rain alerts that notify project users any time a rain event has occurred.

  1. Access this feature by going to ADMIN | Alarms.

Accessing the administrator alarm feature


  1. Expand the Rain Alerts section by clicking on the gray bar (if it is not already showing).  Click ADD RAIN ALERT.Expanded rain alerts section


  1. The Add New Rain Alert menu contains several user-personalized options.
    1. General Info- This allows the user to input a name and description for the alarm, and contains the enable/disable option for the alarm.


Add New Rain Alert- General Info


    1. Rain Event Conditions- The rain event conditions can be entered in this section. Included in the rain event conditions are:
      • Total Rain Parameter- Includes the data logger and the specific parameter that will trigger the rain event.
      • Total Rain Threshold- Any precipitation amount that is larger than the inputted number will trigger a rain event.
      • Total Rain Window-  Controls the time frame in which a rain event can be triggered.
      • Event ends after- Details the amount of time that must pass with no precipitation to end a rain event.
      • Qualifying Rain Event has- Displays the dry period duration necessary to begin a new rain event.
      • And There is- Displays the duration the logger must go without recording any rain during a dry period to begin a new rain event.


Rain Event Conditions


  1. Trigger Action- The trigger action for the alarm is optional and allows the user to specify who will be notified, via email, when the alarm is triggered.
    • The Recipient Type can either be individual emails that are entered in the Recipients box or a user-generated group. A Group can either be selected from previously created groups, or a new group can be added through the Create New Group tab.
    • The Message gives the group or individuals a summary of what the alarm means, and will be included with the email each time an alarm is triggered.
      • The message box can be expanded by clicking on the diagonal lines in the lower right hand corner of the box and dragging them outward.


Trigger Action


  1. Reset Action- Also, optional, the reset action will send an email notifying users when the rain event has concluded and the alarm has been reset.
    • The details for the reset action can be set exactly as those for the trigger action.

Reset Action


  1. Once the desired changes are made, ensure to click SAVE at the bottom of the page.