Set Transmission Alerts

Alerts can be configured to notify users when an X2, G2, or iSIC-V2 data logger has missed one or more expected data transmissions to WQData LIVE.

    1. Navigate to the WQData LIVE Dashboard for the site in question.


    1. Locate theĀ Last Contact Time parameter field for the data logger.

Logger last contact time.


    1. Click the notification triangle to bring up the Quick Alert menu.

Last Contact Time Quick Alert Field.


    1. Specify the period of time (typically 3x the active transmission interval) after which notifications should be sent out and enter an email address or phone number (for text messages). Click Submit.

Configure Last Contact Alert.


A confirmation prompt will appear after submitting the alert.


    1. Click the confirmation link for the Last Contact Alert that is sent by WQData LIVE to activate it.

Click the activation link in the automated WQData LIVE email to enable the alert.