Enable Project in LIVE Datacenter app

The LIVE Datacenter app allows anyone using the application to view basic data from all WQData LIVE Projects for which this feature has been enabled.


To enable Project view in the LIVE Datacenter App:

  1. Enable and configure the Public Portal.
  1. Navigate to the ADMIN | Public Portal | Settings field, check the Include in LIVE Datacenter box, and click SAVE.

Figure 1: Check Include in LIVE Datacenter to enable app display.


  1. Open the LIVE Datacenter app.
    1. Click the (3) bars at the top to open a list of all available projects. Choose the Project to view or place a star next to the project name to make it the initial view upon opening the app.
    2. Selecting one of the pins on the map will show the latest available real-time data from the data logger.
    3. The exclamation point icon in the top-left will provide the option to enable Site notifications.
      • Any time a data reading is triggered, a notification will appear on the device running the app.

Figure 2: Site map with markers.

Figure 3: Latest data from the Site.

Figure 4: Site notifications.