Enable/Disable Alarms

Alarms can be quickly enabled and disabled from the configuration menu.

  1. Navigate to ADMIN | Alarms on the WQData LIVE project page.

ADMIN | Alarms settings.


  1. To disable an active alarm, select the Enabled display option to view all active alarms. Click on the one that should be disabled.

Enabled alarm list.


  1. Click the Edit button (pencil icon) next to the GeneralĀ Info section of the alarm overview.

General Info section of alarm summary.


  1. Un-check the Enable box and click SaveĀ to disable the alarm.

Uncheck Enable and save to turn off the alarm.


Prompt confirming the alarm has been successfully disabled.


  1. To re-enable disabled alarms, filter the list to show Disabled alarms and perform the same process in steps 3-4 but checking the box to enable the alarm.

List of Disabled alarms on the project.