X2 Diagnostics

The X2 Diagnostics utility in CONNECT software enables users to perform the following functions:

  • Read the logger’s diagnostic sensor suite
  • Toggle sensor port power on/off
  • Enable/disable on-board Wi-Fi


Access X2 Diagnostic Utility

  1. Connect the X2 logger to a PC and launch the CONNECT software. Test connection by reading the RTC clock of the logger in the CONFIG tab.
  2. Navigate to Tool | X2 Diagnostic.
X2 Diagnostics menu.

Figure 1: Navigate to Tool | X2 Diagnostic.


  1. The X2 Diagnostic menu will appear.

Figure 2: X2 Diagnostic window.


Read Internal Logger Diagnostics

  1. Click the Read Internal Sensor button. This initiates a live reading of the logger diagnostic parameters.

Figure 3: Read diagnostic values.


  1. Note that the Sensor Power parameter will read 0V unless:
    1. The X2 has been configured to log data from a full-time power sensor.
    2. Sensor 12V power is manually switched on (see next section).

Figure 4: X2 sensor power.


Toggle Sensor Port Power

By default, the X2 will not apply 12V power to any of its sensor ports outside of a scheduled reading or an autodetection process. However, manually switching on 12V power is possible.

  1. Locate the set of ‘Master’ switch power port controls in the top right corner of the X2 Diagnostic menu.

Figure 5: X2 Sensor Port Power Control buttons.


  1. Select the Turn Sensor 12V ON option.
  1. Next, select the appropriate Turn Px Power On button for the sensor port in question.
  1. Perform the troubleshooting or testing necessary on the port and click the Turn Px Power Off button to shut off power.
  1. Before exiting CONNECT, turn off the master port power switch by selecting the Turn Sensor 12V OFF button.


Toggle Wi-Fi On/Off

  1. Locate the System State Control section of the X2 Diagnostic menu.

Figure 6: System State Control submenu.


  1. Select Turn Wifi ON to power up the X2 logger’s Wi-Fi module.
  1. Complete any required Embedded Web functions with the X2 data logger and click Turn Wifi OFF.