Why is a TS210 String Not Detecting?

The NexSens TS210 Temperature String User Guide outlines the required process for integrating a TS210 temperature string with a NexSens X-Series data logger. If one or multiple nodes along the string fail to detect after following the guide, below is a list of common reasons.

Issues During TS210 Detection

  • Issue #1: Two or multiple TS210 nodes (or other sensors using Modbus) have the same Modbus address.
    • Explanation: NexSens X-Series data loggers can only detect a TS210 string if it has unique Modbus addresses assigned to each node. If another sensor using the Modbus communication protocol has the same address as any of the nodes, both sensors will respond simultaneously to commands. Thus, communication will be interrupted as the logger expects a specific response.
      • Solution: Review and adjust the Modbus address for each sensor in their respective software. Contact NexSens technology for issues with detecting TS210 strings.
  • Issue #2: The nodes within the TS210 string are not addressed in increasing numerical order.
    • Explanation: NexSens X-Series data loggers treat the complete TS210 string as a single sensor instead of each node as its own sensor. Thus, the first node should be the lowest address, and the last node on the string should be the highest. The internal script will begin with the first address and end when there is a break in the available addresses.