‘Buffer size does not match’ error

The ‘buffer size does not match’ error is output in the diagnostic window of iChart during an attempted data upload when the programmed configuration of the iSIC data logger does not match the configuration of the selected logger in the iChart project.

Buffer size mismatch error following a data interrogation attempt.


This typically occurs when:

  • A configuration change has been made to the datalogger in iChart (adding/removing sensors or parameters) and the iSIC has not been reprogrammed accordingly.
  • An old or obsolete project (.icr) file has been inadvertently opened.


To resolve this error, locate and load a previously working project file from a backup and retry the data interrogation.

As a final resort, the data logger can be reprogrammed.

  • DO NOT Reprogram an iSIC to resolve this issue until its logged data has been downloaded and saved.
  • Reprogramming is a destructive process and will delete all logged data.
  • Data can be downloaded directly from the iSIC without a project by establishing a direct cable connection and running the Quick Upload utility under Advanced|iSIC
    • Verify that all data has been successfully saved in .csv format before proceeding with the reprogramming.