X2 Data Logger AT&T 4G Cellular Telemetry Update Notification


Below is important information for any NexSens customers who have purchased an AT&T 4G LTE cellular modem with 3G fallback for an X2 data logger. AT&T has announced their 3G (UMTS/HSPA) network will be discontinued beginning in February 2022. Current 4G LTE devices in the field may experience incorrect functioning after this date. To avoid this issue, Janus Remote Communications has informed NexSens of a simple update that is required. Customers can quickly apply this update to their loggers’ modem using the CONNECT software.


Modems Affected

  1. LTE910CF v1.00
  2. LTE910XF v1.00
  3. LTE910CF v7.00 (AT&T firmware only)
  4. LTE910XF v8.00 (AT&T firmware only)
  5. LTE910CF v15.00 (AT&T firmware only)
  6. LTE910CF v18.00 (AT&T firmware only)
  7. LTE910T2 v6.00 (AT&T firmware only)
  8. LTE910T3 v6.00 (AT&T firmware only)
  9. LTE910T3X v8.00 (AT&T firmware only)
  10. LTE400AP v7.00 (AT&T firmware only)


4G AT&T Modem 3G Fallback Command Update

  1. Connect the X2 logger to a PC and launch the CONNECT software. Test connection by reading the RTC clock of the logger in the CONFIG tab.
  2. Navigate to Tool | X2 RTU | Cellular within CONNECT.
  3. Use the AT#CGMM command to confirm that the logger contains one of the affected modems.
  4. To apply the modem update, go to the Direct Command section, type in AT+CEMODE=2 and then hit Send.
    1. Review the image below to ensure the command was successful. The Respond prompt should display a similar output.

AT+CEMODE=2 entered successfully.


Note: This command pertains to all AT&T 4G modems integrated with X2 data loggers before February 2021. Beginning in February 2021, the update will be applied in-house to any future X2 and G2 data logger purchases with 4G-LTE AT&T cellular modems.