X2-SDL Storage Requirements

The following practices should be carried out when placing an X2-SDL data logger in storage for an extended period of time:

  • Remove¬†all D-Cell batteries inside the data logger.
    • The battery installation procedure can be referenced for removal guidance.
    • Batteries left inside may leak and corrode the internal compartment of the logger.
    • Any X2-SDL left powered that falls below 8V of power risks SD card corruption caused by insufficient-power-driven resets.
  • Disconnect any external SBP500 battery packs which may be supplying supplementary power through the bottom central port of the X2-SDL.
  • Protect all cable and port connections.
    • Inspect all X2 sensor ports and cable connections ensuring there are no signs of moisture or damage.
    • Cover all logger or cable receptacle ports with a UW-plug to keep moisture out.
    • Keep all system cable O-rings and connectors clean by covering them with the included red (8-pin) or yellow (6-pin) polymer caps.
      • If these caps are no longer accessible, any means of shielding the connectors from debris is acceptable.
    • Use the O-ring grease included in the maintenance kit as needed to re-grease the cable/plug connector O-rings.
  • Inspect/clean/re-grease the primary white battery lid O-rings as necessary prior to re-deploying the system.