X2-SDL O-ring Maintenance

The X2-SDL contains (3) user-servicable O-rings, all located on the white battery lid. All O-rings should be inspected during each battery change.

General Maintenance

  • Keep O-rings clear from debris that may affect even surface contact with the housing.
    • A soft non-lint cloth or a Kimwipe can be used to wipe away debris.
  • Re-grease the O-rings when they become dry.
    • The X2-SDL maintenance kit comes standard with a 1/2oz. tube
    • NexSens P/N N10834 can be referenced for replacement O-ring grease tubes.


Lid O-rings should be replaced if evidence of tearing or other deformity is found, or moisture ingress into the battery tubes is noted.

Replacements can be ordered from Fondriest Environmental, the primary distributor of NexSens products, using the following part numbers:

  • NexSens P/N N10639 [EPDM 222 O-ring] for the antenna port seal.
  • NexSens P/N N11069  [EPDM 241  O-ring] for the smaller dual external lid seal.
  • NexSens P/N N10641 [EPDM 243  O-ring] for the larger dual external lid seal.

EPDM 222 O-ring located at the base of the antenna port.


External EPDM 243 (larger) and EPDM 241 (smaller) Lid O-rings.