UW-8 Sensor Port Pinout

NexSens X2 and G2-Series data loggers incorporate UW-8 receptacles for connection of sensor cables with UW-8 plug connectors. The pinout for the UW-8 data logger sensor ports is as follows:

UW8 Receptacle Pinout

Figure 1: NexSens X2/G2 data logger 8-pin (UW-8) sensor port pinout.


Pin #SensorBUS SignalWire Color
1RS-485 AGreen
2RS-485 BBlue
412V PowerRed
55V PowerWhite
6RS-232 Rx*Yellow
8RS-232 Tx*Orange

*RS-232 transmit/receive is labeled from the data logger’s perspective (should be wired to sensor’s receive/transmit, respectively).