UW-8 Plug Pinout

Sensors can be connected to the UW-8 receptacle ports of NexSens X2 and G2-Series by installation of a UW-8 plug connector on the end of a sensor cable. The pinout for the UW-8 plug connectors is as follows:

UW8 Plug Pinout

Figure 1: NexSens UW-8 plug pinout.


Pin # SensorBUS Signal Wire Color
1 RS-232 Tx* Orange
2 GND Black
3 RS-232 Rx* Yellow
4 5V Power White
5 12V Power Red
6 SDI-12 Brown
7 RS-485 B Blue
8 RS-485 A Green

*RS-232 transmit/receive is labeled from the data logger’s perspective (should be wired to sensor’s receive/transmit, respectively).

UW-8 plug connectors are usually factory installed onto sensor cables (part number UW-CON). This ensures that all signal wires are connected to the appropriate pins, and the connectors are sealed with epoxy to provide fully waterproof connections. While this is critical for use on buoys (X2-CB, X2-SDL data loggers) and in other wet environments, users may in some cases choose to install UW Field Wireable Plugs (part number UW-FWP).