Configure iSIC-V2 Ethernet Settings

While the iSIC-V2 Ethernet data logger is capable of acquiring network settings from a DHCP server automatically, it is also possible to configure these settings manually.

Establish Direct Terminal Connection

  1. Follow this article to establish a terminal connection with the iSIC-V2 using a USB-RS485 cable.

Set Static Network Connection Settings

  1. If DHCP is enabled, the iSIC-V2 will attempt to establish a connection and retry in the event of a failure. Hit Enter or Ctrl+C to stop the text and open up a command line.
  2. To assign specific network settings to the iSIC-V2, use the following commands to first turn dhcp off.
    1. set dhcp off
      1. Note that any user-configured network settings will be overridden if set to ON.
  3. Configure the network settings shown below. Note that <ipaddress> assumes the form of a.b.c.d where a, b, c, and d are 1 to 3 digit octets from 0 to 255.
    1. set ipaddr <ipaddress>
      1. Function: Set static IP address.
      2. Example: set ipaddr
    2. set ipmask <ipaddress>
      1. Function: Set subnet mask.
      2. Example: set ipmask
    3. set ipgw <ipaddress>
      1. Function: Set default gateway.
      2. Example: set ipgw
    4. set dns <ipaddress>
      1. Function: Set preferred DNS
      2. Example: set dns
    5. set altdns <ipaddress>
      1. Function: Set alternate DNS.
      2. Example: set altdns


Network settings in the command prompt.


Verify Network Connection Settings

  1. Send the reset command.
  2. Verify the network changes have been successfully committed by sending the commands below.
    1. show dhcp
    2. show ipaddr
    3. show ipmask
    4. show ipgw
    5. show dns
    6. show altdns


Verify network changes in the command prompt.


Test Network Connection

  1. Test the network connection by using the ping command.
    1. ping <domain>
    2. <domain> can be any valid IP address or a domain name such as

      Successful ping of


  2. Close Tera Term and disconnect the UW6-USB cable from the iSIC-V2.
  3. Reconnect the original UW6 12V power cable to the iSIC-V2.
    1. On power up the logger will attempt to connect to WQData LIVE.
      1. A successful connection is indicated by 2 consecutive beeps.
      2. A failed connection is indicated by 3 consecutive beeps.