Establish Connection to an iSIC/SDL-V2 in Tera Term

    1. Download the free open source terminal program Tera Term here.
      1. Select the link for the teraterm-4.97.exe file. The download will begin automatically.
      2. Complete the installation with the default components.
    1. Connect a UW6-USB cable to the PC.
      1. Allow Windows to download the driver automatically.
      2. Verify the COM port of the cable once the download is complete by viewing the Ports (COM & LPT) segment of Window’s Device Manager.

Device manager interface


    1. Launch Tera Term. The following screen will appear. Click Cancel.

Cancel the Tera Term new connection.


    1. Navigate to Setup|Serial Port and enter the COM port of the UW6-USB cable in addition to the other serial settings shown in the screenshot below and click OK.

Tera Term: Serial port setup


    1. Connect the terminating end of the USB cable to the iSIC-V2 or SDL-V2.
      1. Cables with a UW6-plug should be connected to the bottom 6-pin port of the loggers.

Connect UW6-USB-485P cable to the iSIC-V2.


    1. iSIC-V2 Only: Cables with a bare wire (flying lead) termination should be connected to the right-hand green terminal strip of the logger.

Connecting USB-RS485 flying lead cable.


iSIC-V2 TerminalUSB-485 Cable Wire Color


        • If the USB cable terminates in flying leads, connect the system power supply (SP-Series power pack or 12VDC adapter) to the 6-pin UW port on the bottom left side of the iSIC-V2 at this time.
    1. When power is applied, either 5V through the USB cable or 12V through an external DC power source (for the flying lead cable termination), a series of startup messages will display in the terminal:

iSIC-V2 startup message in Tera Term after power up.


    1. Hit the ENTER key while in the terminal and a command entry prompt line, designated by a $ will appear.