G2/V2 Data Logger Terminal Commands

All G2 (G2-RAIN & G2-EXO) and V2-series (iSIC-V2 & SDL-V2) data loggers respond to common commands that can be sent through a hyper terminal via a NexSens UW6-USB-485P USB cable. These commands provide the internal information programmed on the data loggers, enable communication with WQData LIVE, and allow detection and direct communication with connected sensors.  Before utilizing the following commands, establish connection with a G2 or V2-series data logger in Tera Term using the following link:

Establish connection with a G2 or V2-series data logger


Note: All commands will be preceded by the ‘$’ sign.

Logger Internal Info Commands

?Shows a complete list of valid terminal commands. For sub-commands, a list of valid arguments can be shown by sending the command followed by a question mark. 



Displays the loggers’ firmware version.

show uuid

View the UID of the PCB. This is the same value that is entered in for the device on WQData LIVE.

show time

Displays the PCB’s current UTC time.



WQData LIVE Commands

wqdata stopOn power cycle or reset, the logger attempts to connect to WQData LIVE. Entering this command will interrupt this connection and allow the user to immediately begin communicating with the logger.
wqdata setupThe logger will contact WQData LIVE and push up/update its sensor configuration.
wqdata uploadTasks the logger to push up any stored data that has not yet been synced with WQData LIVE. After the upload, the WQData LIVE command queue will be checked.
syncrtcForces the logger to contact WQData LIVE and sync its internal clock.



Sensor Configuration/Communication Commands

show logintvResponse will show the log interval (in seconds) for each sensor. Generally this will be internal diagnostics followed by external sensors, but this can differ at times- particularly if iChart is used to program a V2. In the example internals and the 1st (and only) sensor both have their log intervals set to 0 seconds.
set logintvEnter new log intervals for the system (sensor 1, sensor 2, sensor 3 etc). In the example, internals are set to hourly and sensor 1 is set to 15 minutes.
show txintvDisplays the system’s current transmit interval in seconds.
set txintvEnter a new transmission interval for the system in seconds.
autodetectStarts a sensor detection. Note that for V2s programmed with iChart, this will wipe out the existing programming.
sdi12termEnables switch power and opens up a standard SDI-12 terminal.



Reset Commands

 eraselogdataErases all logged data stored on the SD card.
erasesidbErases the present sensor programming/detection from the logger. A new command line ($) will appear to acknowledge this has been accepted. Note that, unlike the X2, a G2 or V2 will not automatically re-detect on power cycle or reset. The autodetect command must be sent manually.

Wipes the CPU memory clean. Makes the following changes:

  • Resets the logger name (if changed by a user).
  • Resets all sample, log, and transmit intervals for the system to their defaults (will depend on the G2 model).
  • Removes any custom Ethernet settings (for V2) and enables DHCP.
  • Removes any ‘Event Based Transmission’ thresholds that were configured.