G2-RAIN Storage Requirements

The following practices should be carried out when storing a G2-RAIN data logger for an extended period of time:

(Use the diagram below for reference)

G2-RAIN Diagram



  1. Remove the antenna or ensure no tension is placed on the antenna resulting in curvature or breakage.
    1. Rotate the antenna counter-clockwise to remove.

Antenna position on G2-RAIN-RTU



  1. Use the NexSens screwdriver or other flat head screwdriver to disconnect the power plug from the internal battery pack by rotating the plug counter-clockwise.
    1. The plug must rise above the RTU bulkhead, but the O-ring should not be visible.

Turn the screwdriver counterclockwise until the plug is above the bulkhead.



  1. Recommended: Place a rubber band on the tipping bucket to block the tipping apparatus from moving. Follow the link below to remove and re-install the siphoning tipping bucket.
    1. Install and Remove the Siphoning Tipping Bucket

Strap a rubber band around the tipping apparatus and connect it to the reed switch.



  1. If the G2-RAIN contains an external cable:
    1. Disconnect the external cable from the solar power pack
    2. Avoid storing with tension on the cable.