UW-FWP Wiring

The UW-FWP and UW-FWP-V terminals provide a means of interfacing a flying lead sensor cable to a NexSens UW-8 SensorBUS connector such as the sensor ports on X2 and G2-series data loggers. The ‘-V’ variation is vented and should be used with vented pressure transducers. ┬áCable wiring and installation instructions can be found here.


Wiring Diagram

SensorBUS Signal UW-8P/UW-FWP Pin UW-FWP Terminal Name UW-FWP Terminal Pin
RS-232 Tx 1 RS232 TX J1
Ground 2 GND J2
RS-232 Rx 3 RS232 RX J3
5V 4 5V J4
12V 5 12V J5
SDI-12 6 SDI-12 J6
RS-485 B 7 RS485 B J7
RS-485 A 8 RS485 A J8


Figure 1: UW-FWP plug pinout.

Figure 2: J pins on UW-FWP terminal.



Figure 3: UW-8 plug pin numbering.