Why is the VegaPuls C23 Not Gathering Readings?

The VegaPuls C23 Radar Water Level Sensor X2 Integration Guide outlines the required process for integrating the VegaPuls C23 Radar Water Level Sensor with NexSens X-Series data loggers. If the sensor is not providing values after following the guide, below is a list of common reasons.

Issues with Gathering Water Level Readings

  • Issue #1: The sensor is connected to the wrong port or has a different SDI-12 address than the one specified in the user-generated SDI-12 script.
    • Explanation: While creating the SDI-12 script, the user specifies the associated port and SDI-12 address. The X-Series data logger needs the port and address specified to send power and commands to the proper location.
      • Solution: Change the internal settings to match the settings of the user-generated script, or connect the sensor to the proper port on the data logger.
  • Issue #2:  Two or more sensors connected to the data logger have the same SDI-12 address.
    • Explanation: NexSens X-Series data loggers can only read measurements from a sensor if it has a unique SDI-12 address. If another sensor using the SDI-12 communication protocol has the same address, both sensors will respond simultaneously to commands. Thus, communication will be interrupted as the logger expects a specific response.
      • Solution: Review and adjust the SDI-12 addresses for each sensor in their respective software.