Why is a Turner C3/C6P Not Gathering Readings?

The Turner Submersible Fluorometers  X-Series Integration Guide outlines the required process for integrating a Turner C3/C6P Submersible Fluorometer with a NexSens X-Series data logger. If the sensor fails to gather readings after following the guide, below is a list of common reasons.

Issues with Gathering Readings

  • Issue #1: The integrator firmware has not been installed correctly.
    • Explanation: The integrator firmware, outlined in the integration guide, must be installed to provide communication between the sensor and a 3rd party data logger. Proper installation of the integrator firmware can be confirmed by connecting the sensor to a terminal emulator. After applying power, the sensor will have a 15-second warmup before it begins outputting data at a 1Hz rate. If the firmware does not install properly, the sensor will take ~100 seconds to begin outputting data.
      • Solution: Follow the integration guide to attempt another firmware update.
  • Issue #2: Datalog was not enabled before exiting the C-Soft software.
    • Explanation: The user must enable Datalog before exiting the C-Soft software to allow the submersible fluorometer to log data, capture real-time data output, and/or integrate with other instrumentation.
      • Solution: Reconnect to the C-Soft software and ensure to enable datalog before exiting the software.