Why is a Eureka Sonde Not Detecting?

The Eureka Manta+ X-Series Integration Guide outlines the required process for integrating a Eureka Water Quality Sonde with a NexSens X-Series data logger. If a Eureka sonde fails to detect after following the guide, below is a list of common reasons.

Issues During Detection

  • Issue #1: More than one RS-232 sensor is connected to the same sensor port.
    • Explanation: NexSens X-Series data loggers have (4) Universal Asynchronous Receiver Transmitters (UARTs). Two of them are dedicated RS-232 channels on ports P0 and P1. The remaining is a multiplexed RS-232 channel on port P1/P2. Since RS-232 sensors cannot have unique addresses, only one RS-232 sensor can be detected on each port.
      • Solution: Adjust the sensor configuration to avoid having more than one RS-232 sensor connected to a single port at a time.