Which X2-Configured Airmar Parameters Require a Satellite Connection?

The following Airmar WX-Series parameters, that are compatible with an X2 data logger, require a satellite connection to record measurements.

(Read the Airmar X2 Integration Guide article to learn about the Airmar WX-Series parameters available for the X2.)


NMEA 0183 Message Description X2 Parameters
$GPGGA NMEA 0183 standard GPS Fix Data UTC Time (hhmmss)
Latitude (Degree)
Longitude (Degree)
Altitude (m)
$GPVTG NMEA 0183 standard Course Over Ground and Ground Speed Course Over Ground- COG (True Degree)
Speed Over Ground- SOG (Magnetic Degree)
$WIMDA NMEA 0183 Standard Meteorological Composite

(Wind parameters with respect to north)

Wind Direction (Degree)
Magnetic Wind Direction (Degree)
Wind Speed (m/s)