iSIC V2 Data Logger Mount

The PM1 Pole mount kit is designed to attach an iSIC V2 to a buried 2″NPT Pipe for field deployment.


PM1 Included Parts

  • (2) 5/16-18 x 2″ U-bolts
  • (4) ea  5/16″ Flat Washers, 5/16″ Split Lock Washer, and 5/16″ Nut
  • (2) Mounting Ear
  • (4) 1/4-20x 7/16″ Flat Head Phillips Screw


  1. Install one of the mounting ears on the top section of the iSIC V2, ensuring the ear is oriented such that the two 1/4-20x 7/16″ screws lay flush when tightened down with a Phillips screwdriver.

Install one mounting ear


  1. Install the second ear to the pipe using one of the U-bolts and the washer, lock-washer, and nut, respectively. Tighten evenly with a 1/2″ socket.
    1. Make sure the backside of the ear has the recessed screw inserts.

Install the second mounting ear


  1. Align the lower pole-mounted ear with the back-plate base of the iSIC V2 and tighten it to the ear using the remaining two 1/4-20x 7/16″ screws.

Attach the iSIC-V2 to the ear


  1.  Feed the remaining U-bolt through the top mounting ear and tighten each nut to the lock-washer and washer evenly using a 1/2″ socket.

Tighten the U-bolt around the pole


  1. Thread on the antenna and mount the solar panel pack (if applicable), connect sensors.