Reprogram a Data Logger with an Existing iChart Project

  1. Open the iChart project.
  2. Before reprogramming, ensure the desired logger has the correct Communication Properties by right-clicking on the logger and selecting Property.
    1. Ensure the iSIC address is correct.
    2. If a direct connection is applied, change the Connect Through option to Direct.
    3. If the connection is over cellular, change the Connect Through to Internet and enter the correct IP address.


Right-click on the logger and select property.

Communication Properties


  1. Click Test Connection to ensure there is proper communication with the data logger.

Test Connection Success


  1. Click Project | Setup Device Wizard at the top.

Project | Setup Device Wizard

Pre-existing Sites



  1. Click Next until you get to Step 6: ‘Finish’.

Step 6: Finish in Setup Device Wizard


  1. Ensure to select the specific logger that will need reprogrammed.

Click on the logger that needs reprogrammed.


  1. Click Finish.
    1. The logger should begin reprogramming with the sensor configuration created on the pre-existing icr file with the specific logger chosen.