Update Logger IP Address

  1. In the iChart project, locate the Navigation Panel located to the left of the data readout.

iChart Project.


  1. Locate the data logger in question, right click on it, and select Property.

Right click on the logger and select ‘Property’ to view the communication properties menu.


  1. The Communication Properties menu for the logger will appear showing the currently utilized communication method, data logger and IP address information.

Logger Communication Properties menu showing the communication settings currently in-use.


  1. Make the required change to the IP Address field and click OK to make the changes and close the prompt.
    1. Make sure that the IP address field contains no extra spaces preceeding or following the number. These are treated as valid characters and will cause connection attempts to fail.
    2. When entering an IP address, drop any leading zeroes that are listed. Leading zeroes left in the address will cause connection attempts to fail.
      1. Ex. If the provided address is, enter this into iChart as


  1. The Test Connection button can selected to confirm that the new communication settings are working properly.

Successful logger connection test.