Change Communication Type

In iChart, all processes involving communicating with an iSIC data logger (programming, interrogating data, syncing a clock) will utilize the method currently selected for the system under the logger Communication Properties menu.

Verify Current Communication Settings

  1. In the iChart project, locate the Site Navigation Panel in the upper left of the screen.

iChart Project view.


  1. Right click on the data logger (the logger name is typically followed with a bracketed number) and select Property.

Right click on the logger and select ‘Property’.


  1. The logger communication settings currently in-use will be displayed in the Communication Properties menu.

iChart is currently configured to communicate with this data logger through a cellular (internet) connection.


Change Communication Settings

  1. Click the drop down menu in the Connect Through section to display alternate communication options.
    1. Depending on the model of logger (3100/cellular, 4100/radio, 5100/Ethernet, 6100/satellite), different options will be available.

For a 3100-iSIC (cellular) logger, the only alternate connection option is a direct, serial cable connection to the iChart PC.


  1. If a Direct to PC connection option is selected, verify the serial cable COM port prior to selecting it from the list of available ports.

For a Direct to PC serial connection, select the appropriate COM port for the serial cable connecting the iChart PC to the iSIC data logger.


  1. It is recommended at this point to click the Test Connection button to verify the alternate communication settings are working properly.

Test the new logger communication method.


  1. Click OK at the bottom of the Communication Properties menu to apply the changes.