Adjust Interrogation Schedule

When the iChart software is running, data will automatically be uploaded from the iSIC data logger at the configured interrogation schedule.

  1. Within the iChart project select the Schedule button below the data chart.
    1. Note that each data logger will have its own interrogation schedule. Click on each logger in the Navigation Panel to verify/edit its unique schedule.

Select the ‘Schedule’ button for the logger in the iChart project.


  1. On the Interrogation Schedule tab, ensure the ‘Enable’ box is checked and configure the settings as desired.
    1. Choose which days of the week for which the data interrogation schedule will apply.
    2. Select a repeating interval, or specific times of day that data downloads from the logger will be attempted.
      1. Keep in mind when the logger’s telemetry unit is powered. The modem (radio/cell/Ethernet) must be powered at the same time to successfully upload data.
    3. Add an offset (300 seconds is typically sufficient) to delay interrogations until the data logger has completed its latest reading and/or the telemetry has had time to power up and establish a connection.

Logger Interrogation Schedule- in this example, iChart will attempt to connect and upload data from the logger 5 minutes past the top of every hour.


  1. Click OK once the desired changes to the schedule have been made and repeat the process to adjust the schedules of other loggers in the project (if applicable).