Administrator Privileges

iChart requires write access to its installation directory during normal operation. Windows Vista and newer (7, 8, 10) operating systems prevent programs from writing data to the ‘Program Files’ directory unless the program is given administrator access.

To work around this, it is recommended that iChart be installed in the C:\Users\Public\ directory on the PC.  In this directory, iChart will have the write access it requires regardless of which user is logged into the computer. If iChart has not been or cannot be installed in the Users\Public location on the PC, complete one of the following:

  1. iChart can be launched with administrator priviledges a single time by selecting the Run as Administrator option after right clicking on the iChart shortcut.
    1. Unless the logged-in user has an administrator account, Windows will require the user to enter the administrator password.

Single-time launch of iChart with administrator priviledges.


  1. To permanently grant iChart administrator privileges, right click on the iChart shortcut, select Properties|Compatibility, check the box that reads Run this program as an administrator, then hit Apply.

Right click on the iChart shortcut and select ‘Properties’.


Check the box aside ‘Run this program as an administrator’ at the bottom of the Compatiblity tab and click Apply.