What’s Included & Accessories

All X3-SUB submersible data loggers have product identifier information prominently displayed on the quick start guide, package exterior, and data logger itself. These identifiers include the label on the X3-SUB top plate and the included Claim Code, which outlines ownership of the logger on WQData LIVE. Depending on the X3-SUB model, the appropriate antenna will be included. 


What’s Included

When purchased with a CB-75 data buoy, the X3-SUB will come pre-mounted on the buoy platform. Dummy plugs will be included for the (3) MCBH sensor ports and the (1) MCIL-6 pin solar and communication port. An included quick-start guide provides a step-by-step process for integrating the logger with sensors, configuring the telemetry, and hosting a project on WQData LIVE. 

Figure 1: Included equipment with an X3-SUB Submersible Data Logger

Figure 2: X3-SUB integrated with CB-75 data buoy.



Accessories for the X3-SUB data logger include specially designed software communication adapters, antennas, solar power packs, power cables, and sensor interface cables.

MCIL6MP-USB-DCMale 6-pin USB PC cable with external 12VDC power adapter
CB-75CB-75 data buoy with 1.5″ instrument holes & (3) 4-watt solar panels, 75 lb. buoyancy
M550-F-YSolar marine light with flange mount & 1-3 nautical mile range, 15 flashes per minute, yellow
Sensor Interface
MCIL-8-FS-XFemale 8-pin wet mateable connectorization of sensor cable assembly
MC-2WFemale 8-pin wet mateable 2-way sensor splitter, 1m