X2 Data Logger Grounding

Grounding a data logger is critically important to ensure measurement accuracy and prevent damage to a data logging system, which can either occur acutely or manifested through intermittent hardware problems that are difficult to diagnose and can result in an eventual failure.

While lightning strikes are an obvious source of power surges that can damage system components, other less commonly thought of hazards include nearby machinery, other electrical systems and electrostatic discharge (ESD).

Regardless of the environment, proper grounding of a data logger should therefore always be implemented and can potentially prevent expensive damage to an environmental monitoring system. For this reason, the X2 data logger comes standard with a grounding kit which is recommended to be installed.

Instructions for installation of the grounding kit are provided below, and a more detailed explanation of the importance of proper grounding is available here.

X2 Data Logger Grounding Kit

Every new X2 data logger will ship with a grounding kit. The included X2 Ground Kit Instructions steps through the process of assembly. The hardware in the kit creates a ground path from the X2 through the PM2 mounting accessory to the 2″NPT galvanized or aluminum pipe used for mounting in the field.  To establish a proper ground the mounting pipe must be buried in the ground or connected to an earth ground.


X2 Grounding Kit installed.