Desiccant Replacement

Each X2 ships with a bag of desiccant placed underneath the data logger circuit boards. This desiccant bag should be replaced whenever:

  1. The X2 enclosure is opened.
  2. Moisture is observed to be condensing on the inside surface of the enclosure lid.
  3. The Internal Humidity diagnostic parameter reads 40% or greater.

Any appropriately sized desiccant pack (the included pack is 2.8″x 1″ for reference) can be used as a replacement.


Desiccant Replacement Process

  1. Locate the green track wire securing the enclosure lid to the base of the X2.

Locate green lid seal wire.



  1. Slide tweezers or the tip of the screwdriver packaged with the X2 beneath the wire to expose it.


  1. Pull the end of the wire while applying pressure to the top of the X2 to remove it from the track. Tweezers or needle-nose pliers can be used if needed.

Remove the lid seal wire from the bottom track to free the lid.



  1. Pull up on the enclosure lid to separate it from the X2 base.

X2 lid (right) removed from its base (left).



  1. Locate the old bag of desiccant laying beneath the X2 circuit boards and remove it, using tweezers as necessary.

Locate the old desiccant bag beneath the X2 circuit boards.



Remove old desiccant bag.



  1. Place a fresh bag of desiccant in its place.


  1. Slide the enclosure lid back over top the X2 base, ensuring that no wires are pinched.
    1. Align the wire entry with the machined body tag on the aluminum base.
    2. If the 6-pin power port of the X2 contains a blank plug, there should be discernible upwards pressure on the lid as it is pushed downward.
    3. If the 6-pin port is open, air should be able to be heard escaping from the port when the X2 lid is pushed downward.
      • Both of these behaviors signify there is a good O-ring seal that will keep moisture out of the logger.

Slide the lid back down onto the X2 base, taking care that no wiring is pinched in the process.



  1. Push down on the top of the enclosure and feed the wire back into its track.

Insert the enclosure string back into the lower track, maintaining downward pressure on the lid as required to keep the track aligned.