Install a SIM Card

Statically ground yourself prior to touching any of the electronics inside the X2-SDL logger.

Tools Required:

– 3/16″ Ball-Point Hex Driver (included in logger maintenance kit)

  1.  Use the 3/16″ hex driver to remove the four screws on the bottom bulkhead of the X2-SDL (opposite the white battery lid).

X2-SDL screws removed



  1. Carefully pull the bottom bulkhead off of the SDL V2.
    1. Note that two connections for the battery and RF antenna (on cellular models) will be connected to the main body and can be damaged if under tension.

Removal of X2-SDL tube



3.  Locate the SIM card slot and gently push the tray forwards to unlock it as indicated by the inscribed ‘open’ arrow on the tray.

SIM card slot



4. Swing the SIM tray open.

Open tray on SIM card slot



5. Place the SIM in the tray such that the indentation on the card will align with the same indentation on the holder when closed.

Insert SIM card



6. Gently swing the tray closed gently and lock it back into place.

Close SIM card tray



7.  Carefully re-align the X2-SDL housing with the bottom bulkhead and push it back into place. Make sure no wiring is pinched when the tube is re-installed.

Reinsert X2-SDL bolts


8. If the X2-SDL fails to contact the project page on WQData LIVE after being powered back up, verify network coverage at the location is strong and verify the APN setting on the modem is correct for the account.