Check an Antenna Connection on an X2-CB

The telemetry antenna for cellular or radio X2-CB loggers threads onto a dedicated RF connector port on top of the CB-plate. It may be necessary to inspect the condition of the RF connection if signal strength or connection reliability issues are encountered in the field.

Component Overview

Cellular/Radio Antenna (left) separated from the connector bushing (right).


X2-CB RF Plate Connector.


Verify a Connection is Tight

  1. Grab the antenna bushing and apply slight downward pressure while rotating it clockwise.
    1. The assembly is tightened fully if a moderate amount of rotational force does not result in movement.

      Tighten antenna bushing to plate port.


Inspect the RF Connectors for Moisture

  1. Grab the bushing of the antenna and turn the assembly counterclockwise to remove it.

    Rotate the antenna bushing counterclockwise to remove the antenna.


    Antenna and bushing removed from CB-plate.


  2. Un-thread the antenna from the bushing and inspect the O-ring at the antenna base.
    1. Verify it is properly aligned in the groove and there are no signs of tears or other damage.

      Verify Antenna O-ring is intact and seated properly.


  3. Inspect the RF connector of the antenna and verify there are no signs of moisture, corrosion or coaxial contact damage.
    1. If moisture is visible, use canned air to dry it out.

      Verify the antenna’s RF connector is free from moisture, corrosion, or coaxial socket damage.


  4. Inspect the RF port on the CB-plate for signs of moisture intrusion or damage in a like-manner.
    1. Also check that the small exterior O-ring near the top of the port is seated in its groove properly.

      Verify the CB-plate RF port is dry and clean.


  5. Rethread the bushing back on the antenna, double-checking the antenna O-ring stays seated. Verify the connection is hand-tight.

    Thread the bushing back onto the antenna. Turn the bushing-to-antenna connection until hand-tight.


  6. Align the antenna assembly with the RF port on the plate. Apply even downward pressure while rotating the bushing clockwise until is is securely tightened to the plate.

    Push down on the antenna assembly and turn the bushing clockwise to securely re-install the antenna.