X2-CBMC Port Pinout

The X2-CBMC data logger includes a series of ports with MCIL connectors. X2-CBMC port pinout information is given below.

X2-CBMC data logger

Figure 1: X2-CBMC Buoy-Mounted Data Logger.

X2-CBMC sensor port pinout

Figure 2: MCIL-8-MP Pin on X2-CBMC data logger.



8-Pin Sensor Port Signal Information

Note: All splitter extensions contain the same pinout and signal configuration; however, only one 232 sensor can be connected to each splitter/port. The arrow on the 2-way splitter and the end port on the 4-way splitter indicates on which port the 232 sensor may be connected.

MCIL-8-MP Sensor Port Pin#Signal
1RS232 Tx*
3RS232 Rx*

*RS-232 transmit/recieve is labeled from the data logger’s perspective (should be wired to sensor’s receive/transmit, respectively).


X2-CBMC power port pinout

Figure 3: MCIL-6-FS power port on the X2-CBMC data logger.


6-Pin Power Port Signal Information

MCIL-6-FS Power Port Pin#Signal
1X2 Primary Power | Regulator BAT
2Regulator Solar
3X2 GND | Regulator GND | BAT-
5Host RS-485B
6Host RS-485A