Set up a 4G Cellular Account for an X2 Data Logger

While NexSens can provision and manage a Verizon cellular account for an X2 Data Logger if desired, it may be preferred to set up and manage an account directly with a provider. The X2’s cellular telemetry requires a 4G-compatible SIM to operate. Please reference the following information for 4G cellular account setup:


Step 1) Verify cellular coverage

Prior to selecting a carrier, verify that the deployment location of the X2 data logger has sufficient 4G data coverage. In addition to consulting a coverage map, confirm by visiting the deployment location with a 4G device operating on the carrier network if possible. This is to ensure that the signal strength is not hindered by local obstructions.


Step 2) Receive the X2’s cellular module information from NexSens

In some cases, the cellular provider will request the device IMEI number. NexSens will provide the IMEI number specific to each X2 logger cellular module once assigned.


Step 3) Provide IMEI and data requirements to carrier and receive SIM card

Provide the 15-digit IMEI number to the carrier and request to assign this to a Mini (Standard) SIM card (2FF size, 25mm x 15mm) for a Machine to Machine data plan.

If asked about account monthly data plan size, note that most systems will require less than 25MB/month during deployment. Actual usage depends upon the number of recorded parameters, sampling frequency, and any over-the-air firmware updates. For a more precise estimate on system data usage, please contact NexSens.

A Static IP and Unrestricted Access are not required.

Figure 1: SIM card size schematic.


Step 4) Mail SIM card to NexSens Technology for installation and X2 testing

Send the SIM card for the X2 telemetry to NexSens for pre-shipment installation and testing (strongly recommended). Please ship the SIM card to:

NexSens Technology

2091 Exchange Court

Fairborn, OH 45324