How to Cycle (Reset) Power on an iSIC-V2

  1. Identify the 6-pin power source cable located at the bottom left hand side of the iSIC-V2.

    iSIC-V2 with 6-pin power connection (bottom left).


  2. Turn the connector bushing counter-clockwise until it is free from the port.

    Loosen power cable bushing.


  3. Gently pull back on the power cable to remove it from the logger port and wait at least 30 seconds.

    Remove power cable


  4. Align the pins and sockets of the cable connector with those of the port. Push the plug into the port and turn the bushing connector clockwise until hand-tight.

    Reconnect power cable.


  5. Once the connection has been re-established the logger will emit an audible beep as it powers on.
    1. Listen for this beep to confirm the system has powered up properly.
    2. Also look for LEDs to blink on the Ethernet connector as well as to the right of the DB9 serial connector (blue or green).

iSIC-V2 with Ethernet LED (green) and status LED (blue) illuminated.