Configure a Control Output on an iSIC-V2

Materials Required

iSIC-V2 Firmware V8.02.14 or greater

PC with iChart Software V6.20.021 or newer

Serial Cable with USB Adapter


  1. Launch iChart and open the current project (.icr ) file  for the system.
  2. Right click on the logger in the Navigation Panel, select Property.
  3.  Connect a serial cable to the iSIC-V2 logger and select the associated COM port for the direct connection.
  4. Test the Connection to verify serial communication is working properly.
  5. Navigate to Setup|Device Wizard and advance to Step 4 of the menu and select the Add option under the Control Output section.
  6. Check the box to Enable iSIC Output Control, then click Add to enter the IO trigger conditions.
  7.  Select the parameter and value thresholds that will trigger the Control Output.
    1. In the example below, when the iSIC-V2 logs a conductivity reading greater than 180 uS/cm the designated Control Output will be enabled.
    2. In the example, when the iSIC-V2 records a conductivity reading of 160 uS/cm (equal to Value minus the Hysteresis) or lower is recorded the Control Output will be disabled. 
  8. Select the Edit option under the Control Output to configure the trigger response.
  9. The newly added Control Output will now appear on the Input/Output step of the Setup Device Wizard menu.
  10. Proceed to the final step of the Setup Device Wizard, left click on the logger to highlight it and select Program iSIC.
    1. Once the programming is complete acknowledge the prompt and select Finish.
  11. For iSIC-V2 systems posting data directly to WQData LIVE (no iChart data interrogations), sync the logger clock to UTC Standard (+00:00).
    1. Set the UTC Offset in iChart under Edit|Preferences to either zero or 3600 (depending on whether daylight savings time is active).
    2. Click the Setup button below the yellow data chart in the project file, check the Set iSIC time to PC time option and select Update iSIC
    3. Verify that the updated iSIC time field reflects the current time in UTC (+00:00)