Replace G2-RAIN Siphoning Bucket

The G2-RAIN has two versions of the siphoning bucket depending on the time of purchase. For all models purchased before 2021, the G2-RAIN will have the siphoning bucket manufactured by the Rickly Hydrological Company. Newer G2-RAIN models have the siphoning bucket manufactured by Hyquest Solutions. In the instance of a bucket replacement, follow the steps below to remove the tipping apparatus connection from the Rickly bucket to install into the Hyquest Solutions siphoning bucket.

Figure 1: Rickly siphonining bucket.

Figure 2: Hyquest Solutions siphoning bucket.


Remove Rickly Siphoning Bucket

  1. Power down the G2-RAIN by using a small flat head screwdriver to turn the power switch counter-clockwise until the O-ring is visible.
    1. If connected to a solar panel, remove the cable connection from the G2-RAIN.
    2. Remove the antenna from the G2-RAIN as well.
  2. Using a 9/64″ hex driver, remove the (3) outside bolts connecting the bucket and the G2-RAIN-RTU/tipping apparatus assembly.

Figure 3: Remove outside bolts holding the bucket.


  1. Rotate the G2-RAIN-RTU/tipping apparatus clockwise to align the bolts with the vertical opening. Lift up on the G2-RAIN-RTU/tipping apparatus to separate it from the siphoning bucket.

Figure 4: Remove the G2-RAIN-RTU from the siphoning bucket.


  1. Loosen the connections holding the wires to the reed switch.
    1. It is necessary to cut off the fork terminals to fully remove the G2-RAIN-RTU from the tipping apparatus.
    2. Use a wire stripper to expose a ~1/4 inch section of the wires to install in the new tipping apparatus.

Figure 5: Remove the G2-RAIN-RTU wires.

Figure 6: Cut the fork terminals from the G2-RAIN-RTU wires.


  1. Use a 9/16″ wrench to remove the (3) bolts connecting the G2-RAIN-RTU and tipping apparatus.
    1. Gently lift the G2-RAIN-RTU to expose the wire connection with the tipping apparatus.
    2. Ensure not to pull too forcefully as a cable is connected to an internal flex fitting.

Figure 7: Disconnect G2-RAIN-RTU from tipping apparatus.


  1. Use a crescent wrench to loosen the flex fitting holding the G2-RAIN-RTU cable.
    1. Fully remove the entire G2-RAIN-RTU assembly.

Figure 8: Loosen the internal flex fitting and remove the G2-RAIN-RTU.


Install the Hyquest Solutions Siphoning Bucket

  1. Use a 4-mm hex driver to remove the new tipping apparatus from the new siphoning bucket (Hyquest Solutions).
    1. Remove the rubber band holding the tipper.

Figure 9: Remove the new tipping apparatus.


  1. Route the G2-RAIN-RTU cable through the open hole underneath the new tipping apparatus.
    1. Connect the wires to the terminal strip as shown below.
    2. For stability, attach the cable to the included clamp within the new tipping apparatus and tighten down using the available screw.

Figure 10: Install G2-RAIN-RTU in new tipping apparatus.

Figure 11: Wire in the G2-RAIN-RTU cable.


  1. Re-install the new siphoning bucket using the (3) outside bolts and a 4mm hex driver.
    1. The G2-RAIN is now fully installed with the new Hyquest Solutions tipping apparatus and siphoning bucket.


Testing on WQData LIVE

  1. Apply power to the G2-RAIN.
  2. Fill a beaker with ~300 mL of water.
    1. Pour water into the siphoning bucket and count the number of tips heard within the unit.
  3. At the next transmit interval, review the data on WQData LIVE and ensure the number of tips heard matches the tip counter and rain parameters on the web.
    1. It is recommended to perform this process three times to ensure accuracy.
  4. Once confirmed, the G2-RAIN can be re-installed back out into the field.