Install an External Power Adapter Cable

Tools Required

3/16″ hex key
5/16″ hex key
small adjustable wrench
Small Flat head screwdriver
Tweezers (recommended)


1) Remove the G2-Rain from its mounting pole and invert.

2) Use a small flat head screwdriver and turn the power switch counter-clockwise to remove internal power.

Power-down G2-Rain


3) Use a 5/16″ hex key to remove the PG-11 plug nearest the power switch.

Remove PG11 plug nearest battery switch.


4) Remove the (4) 3/16″ hex screws to lift the G2-base out of housing.

Remove G2-Rain base


5) Feed the G2-CBL-SP cable through the open fitting.

Feed G2-CBL-SP Cable through vacant fitting.


6) Thread on the cable base until hand-tight, provide another 1/4 to 1/2 turn using an adjustable wrench.

Tighten cable (inner) fitting base


7) Route the white JST connector from the cable underneath the lower PCB to the side the internal battery connector is on, using tweezers to assist as needed.

8) Remove the internal battery’s white JST connector from the port marked ‘UW6 to X2’ by gently depressing the tab while pulling outwards.

9) Insert the JST connector from the G2-CBL-SP cable into the now vacant ‘UW6 to X2’ slot- an audible click will indicate a successful connection.

G2-CBL-SP Cable JST installed (left) and internal battery cable JST disconnected (right).


10) Ensure the internal wiring of the new cable is not taut and tighten the Sealcon fitting using the crescent wrench. When properly tightened, it will not be possible for additional cable to be pushed through the connector.

Tighten the cable sealcon fitting.

Gently pull the cable to ensure there is no internal movement.


11) As needed, use zip ties to manage any wires that may extend beyond the O-ring at the base. Loose cables that protrude beyond the o-ring perimeter may be damaged during reassembly.

Tuck any exposed wires to prevent pinching.


12) Seat the PCB body back into the main housing. Orient it such that the RF antenna port aligns with the NexSens logo and tighten down the four hex screws with the 3/16″ hex key.

Re-install the G2-Base


13) Remount the G2-Rain as desired and connect the SP6 or DC power adapter. Listen for the system to beep to verify power is successfully reaching the system.