Instrument Installation in CB-40 Data Buoy

A water quality sonde or other instrument can easily be installed in the 4″ deployment pipe of the CB-40 buoy by removing the top cover.

IMPORTANT – BEFORE FIELD DEPLOYMENT: Completely configure and test the internal logging of the sensor. Confirm that the batteries will provide adequate power for the duration of the deployment. Ensure that all external sensor ports and battery compartments have a watertight seal.

  1. Using a 3/16” allen wrench, remove the four bolts from the white top plate.

Remove the top white plate.


  1. Insert the sensor into the stainless steel buoy well.
    1. Ensure to remove any calibration cups and install any probe guard accessories.

Insert the sensor with the probes facing towards the bottom of the instrument pipe.


  1. Re-install the top plate.
    1. Place a zip tie through the bolt hole of the bottom bow shackle to ensure the bolt does not loosen during deployment.