Instrument Installation in CB-25 or CB-75 Data Buoy

The CB-25 and CB-750 Data Buoy have a solar tower plate allowing the installation of top-side mounts for GPS units and weather stations.  Three 1.5″ sensor pass-through ports and the optional purchase of an EXO cage for the EXO series of YSI EXO sondes allow for multiple platforms for deploying subsurface water quality sensors.


Cage Installation

  1. Use a Philips head screwdriver to remove the top white plate from the solar tower.

Top plate removal.


  1. Use a Philips head screwdriver to remove the internal screws on the solar tower.

Solar tower removal.


  1. Use a Philips head screwdriver to remove the outside screws holding down the X2-SDLMC.

X2-SDLMC removal.


  1. Use the provided bolt, lock washer and castle nut to attach the cage to the buoy frame.
    1. Insert the bolt through the center hole within the buoy hull.
    2. Place the black ballast washer between the cage and the bottom buoy plate.

Bolt installation and cage connection.


  1. Tighten firmly with a pair of 1-1/8” wrenches.
    1. Ensure to flatten the lock washer and align the bolt hole with a notch on the castle nut.
  2. Place the cotter pin through the bolt hole and bend the long leg of the pin.

Cotter pin installation. Bent pin for security.


Sensor Cable Routing

  1. Route the sensor cables underneath the solar panel opposite the sensor ports.
    1. Ensure to insert enough cable within the solar tower to avoid tension on the connector.
    2. The connector should remain in a nearly vertical angle while connected.
    3. Use the included zip ties to secure the cable to one of the solar tower posts.
      • Ensure to provide enough cable slack for
        tension-free connections on both ends.

Sensor cable routing and connection.


  1. Remove the nearest sensor pass-through lid using a Philips screwdriver.
    1. Route the sensor cable through the passthrough tube.
    2. Align the sensor cable within the opening on the pass-through lid and re-install the lid.


Sensor cable routing through pass-through tube.