CB-25 Data Buoy Overview

The CB-25 Data Buoy is a simple, compact platform that integrates the X2-SDLMC Submersible Data Logger for both water and atmospheric observations. The buoy features (3) 1.5″ sensor pass-through ports, an integrated solar tower with (3) 4-watt solar panels, and a topside plate supporting a solar marine light, weather stations, and other environmental sensors. An optional EXO-S cage supports the YSI EXOs series of water quality sondes.


CB-25 Data Buoy product page

Figure 1: CB-25
data buoy overview.

CB-25 Data Buoy product page

Figure 2: Internal X2-SDLMC and pass-through view.

CB-25 Data Buoy product page

Figure 3: Top-side plate and solar tower view.

CB-25 Data Buoy product page

Figure 4: CB-25
with optional EXO cage.


Key Components and Definitions

Buoy Hull – Constructed of cross-linked polyethylene foam with a durable polymer outer layer and stainless steel plates on the top and bottom of the buoy providing a net buoyancy of 25 lb (11.34 kg).

Stainless Steel Plates – The top-side stainless steel plate provides (3) lifting handles, and the bottom-side stainless steel plate provides (4) 3/8″ eye nuts supporting drifting, tethering, and mooring applications.


Key Specifications

The key specifications of the CB-25 data buoy are given below:

  • Hull Outer Diameter: 18” (45.72cm)
  • Hull Height: 11” (27.94cm)
  • Center Hole Inner Diameter: 5.5” (13.97cm)
  • Center Hole Height: 11″ (27.94cm)
  • Pass-Through Hole Diameter: 1.5″ (3.81cm)
  • Tower Height: 8” (20.32cm)
  • Solar Panels: 3x 4-watts
  • Weight: 22 lb (9.98kg)
  • Net Buoyancy: 50 lb (22.68kg)
  • Hull Material: Cross-linked polyethylene foam with polyurea coating & stainless steel deck
  • Hardware Material: 316 stainless steel
  • Mooring Attachments: 4x 3/8” eye nuts