Replace Desiccant

The desiccant bag inside the UW6-BB enclosure should be replaced whenever the enclosure lid is opened, or if moisture is observed inside the housing.

  1. Open the battery backup enclosure lid using a Flathead screwdriver.

Remove UW6-BB enclosure lid.


Enclosure lid removed.


  1. Remove the old bag of desiccant located in the bottom left or right corner of the enclosure, using tweezers if necessary.

Locate and remove the old bag of desiccant.


  1. Insert the new bag of desiccant into the same spot within the box.

Insert the new bag of desiccant into the enclosure.


  1. Place the lid back on the enclosure, making sure no wires will be pinched in the process, and tighten the four Flathead screws evenly in a cross pattern.