Replace Battery

The UW6-BB uses two NexSens A01 batteries connected in parallel. Replacement batteries can be purchased from NexSens technology, or comparably-sized 12V SLA AGM-type batteries can be sourced locally and substituted in their place.

  1. Open the battery backup enclosure lid using a Flathead screwdriver.

Remove UW6-BB enclosure lid.


Enclosure lid removed.


  1. Remove the foam spacer pieces positioned between the lid, batteries, and solar regulator.

Remove the two foam spacers on top of the batteries and the piece behind the charge regulator.


  1. Lift the regulator out of the enclosure and set it aside.

Lift up regulator and set it aside to provide more space to access the battery.


  1. Unplug the AC adapter cable from the ‘AC IN’ port on the enclosure and disconnect all leads from the batteries to remove power.

Remove the AC adapter plug from the box and disconnect all battery leads to remove power.


  1. Remove the piece of foam holding the top battery in place.

Remove the piece of foam from the top battery.


  1. Lift the terminal strip off of its velcro base and set it aside.

Lift up on the terminal strip separate it from its velcro pad.


Lift the terminal strip and set it aside for easier battery access.


  1. Remove the old batteries that require replacement.

Remove the old batteries that require replacement.


  1. Place the new batteries into the enclosure.

Insert the new batteries in the same orientation as the originals.


  1. Re-insert any pieces of battery spacing foam that were removed in the replacement process.

Replace any battery spacing foam pieces that were removed.


  1. Align the terminal strip with its velcro pad and reseat it back into its original position.

Set the terminal strip back into its original position on the velcro strip.


  1. Place the regulator back into the enclosure along with its piece of spacing foam.

Set the regulator and foam back into the top of the enclosure.


  1. Set the remaining pieces of spacing foam on top of the batteries in the same positions as before.

Return the remaining pieces of spacer foam to their positions on top of the battery.


  1. Reconnect the leads to both batteries.

Re-connect the battery leads.


  1. Place the lid back on the enclosure, making sure no wires will be pinched in the process, and tighten the four Flathead screws evenly in a cross pattern.


  1. Re-connect the AC Adapter cable to the ‘AC IN’ port on the enclosure to resume charging.