Replace a Battery

The SP32 uses two NexSens A01 batteries connected in parallel. Replacement batteries can be purchased from NexSens technology, or comparably-sized 12V SLA AGM-type batteries can be sourced locally and substituted in their place.

  1. Open the battery box enclosure lid using a Flathead screwdriver.

Figure 1: Remove Battery Enclosure Lid.


Figure 2: Battery Box Lid Removed.


  1. Remove the foam spacer pieces positioned between the lid and batteries.

Figure 3: Remove Lid Spacing Foam pieces.


  1. Remove the terminal clips from the battery to be replaced and lift the solar regulator out of the box and set it to the side.

Figure 4: Disconnect required battery leads and move the solar regulator to the side.


  1. Remove the top piece of dense battery spacing foam to free-up the old battery. Note that the spacing is tight and removal will require significant force.

Figure 5: Remove battery spacing foam to free the required battery.


  1. Remove the old battery from the box.

Figure 6: Remove old/bad battery.


  1. Install the replacement battery in the same orientation as the original.

Figure 7: Set the replacement battery inside the box.


  1. Re-install the battery terminal leads.

Figure 8: Re-connect battery leads (red to red, black to black).


  1. Replace the dense battery spacing foam piece into the enclosure. Note that the spacing is intended to be tight, so it will take significant pressure to push it back in place.

Figure 9: Replace battery spacing foam.


  1. Set the solar regulator back into the vacant space next to the battery foam.

Figure 10: Seat the solar regulator back inside the battery box.


  1. Replace the lid spacing foam pieces back on top of the battery in the approximate positions shown.

Figure 11: Replace lid spacing foam.


    1. It is recommended that the bag of desiccant (typically positioned in the lower left or right corners of the battery box) be replaced at this time, especially if any condensation is observed internally.


  1. Replace the enclosure lid and evenly tighten all four Flathead screws in a cross pattern. Take care that no wires or pieces of foam are pinched between the lid and housing.