Replace Battery in SP-Series Solar Power Pack

The SLA battery in the SP-series solar power packs should be replaced in the event of failure, moisture intrusion, or every 3-5 years at a minimum. Use a NexSens A04 or equivalent size 12V SLA battery.

  1. Remove the solar pack from its mounting location and place it on a flat work surface. Typically, the easiest means of removing the solar pack is to remove both screws from the angle adjustment bracket using a 3/16″ hex driver.

The angle adjustment screws are connected to the pole mount bracket.


  1.  Loosen the four screws securing the battery housing to the panel mount using the same 3/16″ hex driver.

Loosen enclosure bolts using 3/16″ hex driver.


  1. Carefully lift up on the enclosure and set the housing to the side.  Avoid placing tension on the connected solar panel cable as it is moved.

Carefully invert enclosure to access battery and solar regulator assembly.


  1. Remove the old battery from the enclosure and disconnect the negative and positive cable leads.

Remove old battery.


  1. Connect the leads to the new battery and carefully place it back inside the housing. Ensure none of the cabling is pinched.

Install new battery. Verify no cables are pinched between the battery and housing.


  1. Replace the small bag of desiccant in the enclosure.

Replace desiccant bag.


  1. Verify the panel bracket’s O-ring is free from debris and damage and is seated properly in its groove.

Verify panel bracket O-ring alignment before closing.


  1. Realign the battery enclosure with the solar panel mount and tighten down the four screws evenly using a 3/16″ hex driver.

Tighten enclosure screws using 3/16″ hex driver.


  1. Check the pack voltage again to verify the new battery is properly connected.
  2.  Place the pack outdoors exposed to sunlight for a couple of hours and compare the starting and ending voltages to confirm the system is charging properly.