mV-RS485 Adapter Pinout

User-wiring to a mV-RS485 adapter using a UW-FLx cable.

Only 0-2.5V sensor inputs are accepted. User must install voltage dividers if a chosen sensor has a higher native range.

Resistors must be wired in with 4-20mA sensors to convert signal to mV for adapter.

Adapter Receptacle Pin Signal NexSens UW-FLx Plug Pin NexSens UW-FLx Wire Color NexSens UW-FWP Pin*
1 mV+ 8 Green J8
2 mV- 7 Blue J7
3 100X Gain 6 Brown J6
4 V+ 5 Red J5
5 4 White J4
6 10X Gain 3 Yellow J3
7 GND 2 Black J2
8 1 Orange J1

*J-pin labels on the UW-FWP (i.e. 485B, 485A, SDI-12, etc.) do not match the signals on the mV-485 adapter besides GND and V+.


NexSens mV-RS485 Adapter receptacle pin numbering.


NexSens UW-FLx plug pin numbering.


NexSens UW-FWP terminal pin numbering.