Enable Datalog on a Turner Designs C6 Multi-Sensor Platform

The following information describes the process for enabling data output on a Turner C6 sensor. Enabling data output is required for communication with any NexSens data loggers.


  1. Connect to the C6 sensor using the C-Soft software.
  2. Follow the information below, acquired from Section 3.5 of the Turner Designs C6 Multi-Sensor Platform User Guide.

Section 3.5 of the Turner Designs C6 Multi-Sensor Platform User Manual


    • Log Start: Set as current time after setting the instrument’s clock to PC time.
    • Sampling Interval: Set to 30 seconds
    • Wiper Setup: Enable the wiper by clicking the check box and leave at 1 revolution.
      • Test the wiper
    • Enable Datalog: Ensure to click ‘Enable Datalog’, followed by ‘Yes’


  1. The following warning, acquired from Section 3.4 of the Turner Designs C6 Multi-Sensor Platform, states that all of the sensor configuration, including calibration, must be conducted before pressing ‘Enable Datalog’. If the user reconnects the sensor to the software to make adjustments, the process above must be repeated to ensure the data output is enabled.

Warning message from section 3.4 of the Turner Designs C6 Multi-Sensor Platform regarding Enable Datalog.



  1. Ensure data output is enabled by connecting the sensor to a free open source terminal program such as Tera Term, which can be downloaded here.
    1. Select the link for the teraterm-4.97.exe file. The download will begin automatically.
    2. Complete the installation with the default components.


  1. After a 100-second delay, the sensor will begin outputting data based on the parameters chosen in the configuration.

Example C6 Data Output in Tera Term



  1. Once this is ensured, connect the sensor to the NexSens data logger and gather a few readings before deployment.